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Why Lebanon

Real estate has always been classified as one of the most enduring investments in the world. It is by far the most resilient, and has the ability to defy almost all fluctuations and this is why we call it "the safest investment in the world". At RCI, we have the ability, through our professional team to provide you with the utmost assistance to guide you through. Through customized investment schemes, and long-lasting customer service, our team shall carefully provide you with a step by step process to ensure the safety of your investment.

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About Lebanon

Climate & Food

No doubt about it, the food is just delectable as it gets. The Lebanese cuisine, is just an experience. The innovation, the taste the hospitality are all just on a different level. When it comes to climate, Lebanon is regarded as one of the most attractive climates in the middle east, levant. The balance between the four seasons is rarely seen in other countries.

About Lebanon


Medical Tourism, is considered a major inflow for the tourism industry. The medical industry in Lebanon, is considered one the top in the middle east. Thanks to our medical body represented by top notch hospitals, and a highly skilled team, we have managed to put ourselves at the forefront in the industry.

About Lebanon


According to the World Economic Forum, Lebanon is ranked globally as the 4th best country for math and science education, and as the 10th best overall for quality of education.