ليفانتا 384

ليفانتا 384


أدى المزيج العاطفي من الجمال والأناقة إلى ظهور أحد المعالم الأكثر شهرة في الجزيرة. يعد هذا المبنى المكون من ثلاثة طوابق، بشرفاته الأنيقة الجذابة والممتدة، تكوينًا فريدًا مصممًا لإثارة شعور بالعجب والحيرة.

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The Architectural Style

A heart-felt blend of beauty and style has bred one of the most iconic landmarks to rise in the island. With luring and prolonged balconies in style, this three story building has captured a unique composition purely designated to provide a feel of astonishment and bewilderment. Inspired by a conceptual vision, each of the project’s elements, was carefully and meticulously crafted. Our utmost goal, is to allow every component to take its architectural course and flawlessly congregate together and form a beautiful development.

 The View

The dazzling view has made this beautiful project the perfect mix for your next home to be. Designed to complement the island’s lovely and illustrious vibe, the project enjoys 360 panoramic views of the city of Limassol, and a supreme view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Location

Just a couple of minutes from sea, the location is supremely strategic and sits very closely to the main roundabout surrounded by everything you might think off.

Residential. Excellence in the Making.

Residentially, our tailor made apartments are especially made to match today’s trend in the market. Sizes vary from two to three bedroom.